Metrolink: we don’t need no steenkin’ spellcheck!

The place: Altrincham Interchange. The time: this past weekend. The camera: my BlackBerry, which is why it’s a lousy photo.

It’s a lousy sign. Repalcement. Depart. Random capitals. It’s careless, it’s unprofessional, and it’s embarrassing. At least, you’d think it would be embarrassing. I took the picture on Sunday afternoon; the Altrincham line was closed all weekend for engineering work, so presumably that sign had been there since Saturday morning.

It’s easy to mock – and fun, too – but it’s also the way things seem to be done at  Transport for Greater Manchester.  When there are service alterations, the spelling and grammar on the signage usually makes me wince. This one, though, is particularly unfortunate. How hard can it be to proof-read eight words?



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