Mamma Mia! Shoot the audience… part trois.

Final update, after the Mamma Mia audience from hell in May. And I suppose this is a little petty, but what the hell.

As I mentioned here earlier, it took the general manager of the Palace Theatre in Manchester a month (and a passive-aggressive follow-up email) to respond to a customer complaint. Not particularly impressive.

It apparently took him a further five weeks, and two passive-aggressive follow-up emails, to issue the refund cheque he promised. It finally arrived this morning, over ten weeks after the incident that sparked the complaint took place.

Now, I could be charitable. I could assume that my initial letter of complaint and a letter containing a cheque addressed to me from the Ambassador Theatre Group both went missing from the post – but this is Britain, not Russia. And it certainly doesn’t take a month to answer a letter, or five weeks to issue a cheque, even a cheque requiring two signatures, so the most logical conclusion, I’m afraid, is that this particular organisation, or at least one individual working for it, is used to fobbing customers off with excuses.

The moral this time? Complain about unacceptable behaviour in the theatre, by all means. Theatres have booking conditions which usually state, explicitly, that disruptive behaviour from patrons will not be tolerated, and they should be held to them. But if the venue you need to complain to is operated by the Ambassador Theatre Group, send the letter recorded delivery and be prepared to follow up with multiple emails, because otherwise their venue managers may simply ignore you.


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