Teacher, student, reader, writer, scholar, shower singer, musical theatre addict, news junkie, pizza chef, eyeball-roller extraordinaire. Love language, hate sushi. Older than I feel, younger than I think. There’s a point to this blog, but it depends on the day.

Stephen Farrow, somewhere in the north.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Stephen Farrow,
    At last I’ve found you! I used to follow your posts on Google’s ratm.
    I would appreciate your help re: a staging question about City of Angels, which I’m about to direct. Would you please email me and describe the staging of the A/C 4 in the Prologue (I don’t use Twitter)? I’m fine with the rest of the show, but staging the prologue has me stumped.

    Thank you,
    Fran Rude

  2. Hey! I enjoy the blog – quite an eclectic array. I love me a blogger who shares my aversion of bad grammar and punctuation (ahem) as well as my affection for musical theatre. Thanks for sharing.

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